The 20 Best Online Trade Schools in 2024

In our fast-changing world of ever-advancing technology and shifting job trends, online trade schools have become essential for career success. These virtual institutions have expanded significantly, offering a wide range of specialized programs tailored to various professional interests.

Originally published: September 2023
Last Updated: March 2024

An online trade school program typically involves tech, healthcare, and the arts. These trade school careers provide flexible learning from home, equipping individuals with the skills needed for success. In essence, online trade schools are your passport to a brighter future in today’s dynamic job market.

Why Earn A Vocational Degree

Choosing to pursue a vocational degree can be a smart move for several important reasons. Firstly, these programs are typically shorter in duration, typically spanning just 1-2 years, enabling you to enter the workforce more swiftly compared to the lengthier traditional four-year degrees.

Secondly, vocational programs in a typical community and technical college provide hands-on training, giving you valuable practical skills that employers highly appreciate. The smaller class sizes often found in these programs mean you can benefit from more personalized instruction, enhancing your learning experience.

Additionally, an online vocational school provides flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to balance education with other responsibilities. Lastly, many vocational careers are in high demand, offering stable job prospects and opportunities for career growth. Overall, a vocational degree can provide a fast and effective path to a wide spectrum of careers, from early childhood education to criminal justice technology and all other disciplines in between

Trade programs typically last 1-2 years, offering a fast track to entering the workforce. They provide practical, hands-on training in high-demand skills. Online tech schools offer schedule flexibility, and trade programs often have smaller classes for personalized instruction. Plus, an online trade school tends to be more cost-effective than traditional in-person options. Many trade careers are currently in high demand and experiencing rapid growth.

Can You Do Trade School Online?

Online trade schools offer the flexibility to learn from home, aligning with your schedule and saving you valuable time and money. They furnish an array of quality resources, such as virtual labs and expert instructors, ensuring a comprehensive education. Whether you seek to advance in your current career or embark on a new one, online trade schools present accessible and convenient pathways to success.

So, how exactly do online vocational schools operate? These programs seamlessly blend virtual coursework with hands-on training, equipping you for sought-after roles like a licensed practical nurse, HVAC technician, plumber, or electrician. Keep in mind that certain trades may necessitate additional apprenticeship training.

Online vocational certificate programs or associate degrees typically require a high school diploma or GED, with some trade schools accepting the HiSET as an alternative. If you lack a high school diploma or equivalent credential, you can explore GED prep classes, often available at minimal or no cost through many community colleges.

Are Online Trade Schools Budget-Friendly?

Online trade school tuition can be surprisingly budget-friendly compared to traditional colleges. You’ll often find competitive pricing that won’t break the bank, making career-focused education accessible to many.

Moreover, numerous institutions provide financial assistance choices, scholarships, and grants, which can substantially lessen your overall expenses. This means that you can acquire practical skills online without being burdened by significant student debt. It boils down to discovering the ideal match for your career ambitions and your budget.

Key Features to Look for In Online Trade School

To find a reputable online trade school, focus on these key features:


Ensure the school is accredited, indicating recognized quality in education.

Programs Offered

Check if they offer the specific trade program you’re interested in.


Compare tuition and financial aid options to fit your budget.


Look for online courses that match your schedule and learning style.

Availability of Resources

Seek virtual labs, state-of-the-art equipment or software, experienced instructors, and career support services.

Reviews and Reputation

Investigate student reviews and the school’s overall reputation.


Verify that the curriculum aligns with your career goals.


Assess the availability and quality of student support services.

Success Rates

Research job placement rates and alumni success stories.

By focusing on these aspects, you can find the right online trade school for your educational and career needs.

The 20 Best Online Trade Schools

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech

Newark, New Jersey

Since opening its pioneering campus in Newark, New Jersey in 1946 and offering career training for World War II veterans, Lincoln Tech has evolved as an institution for post-secondary education.

Lincoln Tech’s diploma and certificate programs, offered across 22 campuses in 14 states, emphasize experiential learning and employability.

At Lincoln Tech, there is no need to puzzle over one’s future career path. Our fast-track training programs eliminate the uncertainty. They have programs that match your interests, whether it’s Automotive, Information Technology, Spa and Cosmetology, Health Sciences, Culinary, or Skilled Trades.

Plus, their career training schools have created helpful initiatives that support your studies, such as the Lincoln Edge and Early Student Engagement program.

Programs that Lincoln Tech offers:

Lincoln Tech presents a comprehensive array of vocational programs, covering disciplines such as automotive technology, healthcare, and culinary arts. A notable highlight is their pronounced focus on hands-on training. This distinct approach entails active participation in practical experiences that simulate the actual demands of the chosen industry, moving beyond theoretical learning. This equips learners with both knowledge and real-world readiness, positioning Lincoln Tech as a promising avenue toward a flourishing career.

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Hyde Park, NY

The Culinary Institute of America, which opened its doors in 1946, has consistently stood at the forefront of delivering exceptional professional culinary education. Its campus network extends across New York, California, Texas, and Singapore, offering an extensive selection of degree choices that encompass master’s and bachelor’s degrees, along with associate programs. The institute further presents specialized certificate programs and courses designed to accommodate both experienced professionals and avid learners.

Going beyond education, the institute’s impact reverberates into the culinary industry through the organization of conferences and the provision of consultation services, firmly establishing its pivotal role in shaping the culinary landscape. The commitment extends to hosting tailored certificate programs and specially designed courses catering to both seasoned experts and enthusiastic enthusiasts.

Additionally, the institute’s involvement goes beyond education, as it significantly influences the food industry through conference hosting and consultancy provision, solidifying its position as a prominent influencer in the culinary realm.

Associate Degree Programs:

CIA is renowned for its culinary arts education. It offers immersive programs that train students in culinary techniques, food science, and management for careers in the culinary world. CIA’s commitment extends beyond education, influencing the culinary landscape through conferences and consulting services. The institute’s industry connectivity, hands-on approach, and role in shaping the culinary world make it an unparalleled choice for aspiring culinary professionals.

Riverland Community College

Riverland Community College

Austin, Minnesota

For over 80 years, Riverland Community College has been shaping higher education in southeastern Minnesota. They’re all about personalized learning, ensuring students of all ages thrive in our ever-changing world. Riverland grads stand out with skills like Critical Thinking and Global Perspectives, making them valuable contributors to their communities.

Riverland is budget-friendly: you can finish an Associate of Arts degree with seamless credit transfer to Minnesota State Universities, or jump into one of their 95 career and technical programs for quick entry into the workforce, without breaking the bank.

With campuses in Austin, Albert Lea, and Owatonna, easily accessible via interstates 90 and 35, Riverland serves local learners. Their online education is a hit too, offering over 350 courses and nearly 30 fully online programs, giving you flexibility and options.

Riverland’s goal is crystal clear: they want to provide the best opportunities for every student to thrive in their studies and careers. Their mission is to change lives through top-notch service, education, and career training. They’re all about growth, teamwork, innovation, and respect, keeping their employees, students, and region at the center of it all.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Norfolk, Virginia

Originating in Norfolk, Virginia in 1969, AIM has evolved into a successful consortium of companies with an expanding network of campuses throughout the nation. Over the span of four decades, AIM has consistently maintained a tradition of delivering excellence in education and workforce development throughout its growth.

Notably acknowledged for its outstanding hands-on training in Aviation Maintenance, AIM’s reputation remains unparalleled. As time advanced, a discernible demand emerged from leaders in various industries for the skill set possessed by AIM’s aviation graduates. Responding to this demand, AIM broadened its scope beyond aviation and introduced specialized technician programs tailored to related industries.

AIM focuses on aviation maintenance training, preparing students for careers in aircraft repair and maintenance. Their programs cover various aspects of aviation technology.

Here are the programs offered by AIM:

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) offers compelling advantages. With a history since 1969, AIM is a trusted name in aviation education, offering hands-on training guided by industry experts. AIM’s curriculum aligns with employer needs, enhancing graduates’ employability. Learning from experienced instructors adds value, and AIM’s online trade programs extend to related industries, broadening career prospects. AIM equips individuals with essential skills for a successful aviation career.

Pittsburgh Technical College

Pittsburgh Technical College

Oakdale, PA

Founded in 1946, Pittsburgh Technical College is a private college situated in a suburban area. The campus, covering 180 acres, hosts a total of 1,559 undergraduate students as of fall 2020. The academic calendar operates on a quarter-based system.

PTC’s approach to online vocational programs begins with its curriculum, which is centered around projects and aligned with real-world work scenarios. Regular input from program advisory boards, consisting of leading regional employers, keeps the curriculum current. An Academic Chair from PTC characterizes their education as “hands-on and heads-in,” capturing the essence of a rigorous and practical academic journey firmly rooted in real-world experiences.

Here are some of the programs offered by PTC:

Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) offers compelling reasons for consideration. With a rich history since 1946, PTC is known for quality education and workforce development. Its expansive 180-acre campus in Robinson, Pennsylvania provides an immersive learning environment.

The college’s project-based curriculum and industry collaborations emphasize practical skills and real-world employability. PTC’s low student-faculty ratio of 23-to-1 ensures personalized learning. Opting for PTC means accessing a respected institution that merges education with hands-on skills, fostering promising career paths.

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology

New England Tech Boulevard, East Greenwich

Started in 1940, the New England Institute of Technology is a private college with a suburban campus spread over 225 acres. As of fall 2021, it had around 1,739 undergraduate students. The academic schedule follows a quarter-based calendar. The tuition and fees for attending the institution amount to $34,215.

NEIT offers a wide range of programs, including automotive technology, information technology, health sciences, and more. They emphasize hands-on learning and practical skills.

Certificate Program:

At New England Institute of Technology, hands-on learning takes center stage, guided by industry experts and complemented by state-of-the-art simulation labs that equip you for your career right from the start. NEIT provides adaptable learning choices, intimate class sizes, comprehensive student support, academic guidance, career assistance, and tutoring – all bundled within the tuition.

San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College

Bakersfield, CA

San Joaquin Valley College is a privately owned for-profit institution. It operates within a city environment and enrolls around 740 students. The academic calendar varies depending on the program. The student-faculty ratio stands at 23-to-1, ensuring a personalized learning experience. The highest academic achievement offered is an associate degree, and the school maintains an inclusive admissions policy. The application process does not require a fee.

With offerings spanning 14 different fields, students at this college can pursue degrees and get vocational training and certificates. Some of the popular programs include Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist, Surgical Technology/Technologist, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician.

San Joaquin Valley College’s Trades & Industrial Programs:

SJVC offers programs in healthcare, business, criminal justice, and more. They focus on career readiness and provide hands-on training for real-world applications. They prioritize student growth through attainable learning outcomes, striking a harmony between practical training and academic teaching.

Porter and Chester Institute

Porter and Chester Institute

Stratford, Connecticut

Porter and Chester Institute offers programs in fields like automotive, healthcare, and skilled trades. Their hands-on training approach is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions. The flexibility of education to suit individual lifestyles is a cornerstone of Porter and Chester Institute’s approach.

Porter and Chester Institute offers a range of adaptable learning methods, including hybrid, online, and on-campus programs. This ensures that students have the flexibility to choose when they study, accommodating their life schedules. The institute focuses on enhancing students’ employability.

Programs Offered:

The involvement of employers who hire our graduates in shaping the curriculum content is a distinctive aspect. This ensures that Porter and Chester’s educational materials align with the precise demands of real workplace scenarios, moving beyond theoretical textbook requirements. Additionally, students are trained in qualities highly valued by employers, such as punctuality and dependability. Moreover, the institute boasts instructors with practical experience in the field.

Instructors bring their relevant field experience to the classroom, acquired through both online teaching and hands-on training in industry-modeled laboratories. This equips graduates with substantial practical experience and skills. Furthermore, the institute equips students with essential job-ready skills.

Porter and Chester Institute educates students in effective job search and interview techniques, tried-and-true tools for locating employment opportunities. The institute serves as a guide on students’ journeys toward new careers. Porter and Chester Institute’s accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) underscores its commitment to delivering quality education.

Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Founded in 1949 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa Welding School (TWS) emerged from the vision of two welders seeking to fill the growing demand for proficient individuals in the welding industry. Over time, TWS has developed into a multi-campus establishment, providing students with the necessary expertise, know-how, and perspectives essential for entering diverse skilled trades. These trades encompass Welding, as well as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R), along with Electrical fields.

Recognizing the expanding demand for not only welders but also technicians in the HVAC/R and welding sectors, TWS has extended its programs and introduced two new campuses. Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville was established in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, followed by the opening of Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center in Houston, Texas in 2014. In 2023, TWS further expanded by inaugurating a new campus in the Dallas metropolitan area.

Here are some of the programs offered by Tulsa Welding School:

TWS specializes in welding education, providing comprehensive training for careers in welding and metalworking industries. They emphasize practical skills and safety practices.

At Tulsa Welding School, the approach revolves around offering students a comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum not only enhances their practical welding skills but also nurtures their overall understanding of the field. This includes instilling accurate terminology that prepares them for effective communication with future colleagues and employers.

Northcentral Technical College

Northcentral Technical College

Wausau, Wisconsin

Northcentral Technical School offers 180+ associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The school has a 95% employment rate within a year after graduation.

Students studying online at Northcentral Technical College can choose from 17 technical diplomas and 31 certifications.  Human resource management, accounting assistant, early childhood teacher, office assistant and various IT and marketing options are some of the technical diplomas.  They also offer certificates for critical care paramedics, Microsoft Office, retail operations, and small business bookkeeping.

NTC offers associate degree, technical diploma and certificate options in many career fields, both 100% online and onsite.

With the flexibility of an online experience with their NTC Connect Programs, you’ll have the engagement and structure of a face-to-face encounter with the flexibility of an online experience.

NTC stands as a career-oriented technical institution dedicated to guiding students toward employment opportunities in various sectors, including agriculture, business, human services, and law, among others.

Opting for one of NTC’s online programs affords you the flexibility to select your starting point, learn at your own comfortable pace, and incorporate additional classes as your needs evolve. It’s an educational platform that puts you in control, allowing you to tailor your learning journey to your specific career aspirations.

Barton Community College

Barton County Community College

Great Bend, Kansas

Barton Community College was established on July 15, 1965, by an election of the people of Barton County, Kansas, and opened its doors in 1969. The College was established to give students in Barton County a low-cost education within commuting distance.

Barton Online is the distance learning platform utilized by Barton Community College, and it offers online associate degrees and certificates in approximately 30 subjects. Among other things, vocational courses prepare students to become qualified dietary managers, certified medical lab technicians, technical support professionals, and pharmacy technicians.

Barton Students pick when they wish to attend class because online courses are scheduled in weekly blocks. Coursework has weekly due dates set by instructors and allows the students to complete their courses in any of 15 sessions.

Online Associate and Certificate Programs are available from Barton Online. Barton requires 15 credit hours for degree completion. Barton can help you reach your educational and career goals. You may take classes or get an associate’s degree or certificate on a flexible schedule, at home, and at an affordable price.

The following programs are available 100% online:

Since 1974, Barton has been continuously accredited, with the most recent reaffirmation of accreditation in 2023.  Barton maintains accreditation under the HLC’s Standard Pathway process, with the most recent Comprehensive Visit in 2022.

San Juan College

San Juan College

Farmington, New Mexico

When San Juan College first opened its doors in 1956, it exclusively provided evening classes. Today, SJC educates around 15,000 students every year. San Juan College offers nine associate degrees entirely online. Many online trade school programs provide faster routes, saving students time and money. Working professionals who want to transfer to a four-year institution or change careers may consider accelerated options. Students, for example, can complete an associate in business administration degree and a business management certificate in 16 months.

You can start anew at San Juan College. These educational opportunities cater to a wide range of individuals, whether you’re seeking an associate’s degree, returning to education after a hiatus, transitioning to a different career, or acquiring fresh skills for emerging job prospects. A significant number of courses at SJC can be completed in under two years.

San Juan College provides affordable, quality education while adjusting to your needs. Here are some of the online programs and degrees being offered at SJC:

San Juan College has agreements with numerous state institutions to offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at each of its campuses. San Juan College is happy to serve a diverse and unique student body.

Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College

Omaha, Nebraska

Metropolitan Community College, one of Nebraska’s top online technical institutions, offers over 100 programs.  The online degrees and certificates offered by the college are suitable for working individuals who require flexible scheduling alternatives. Associate degrees in accounting, business, computer technology, criminal justice, health information management, and office technology are available online at MCC

At MCC, academic advisors and counselors assist online students in planning their educational paths. MCC has transfer agreements with four-year colleges to assist graduates in enrolling in bachelor’s programs.

MCC offers more than 50 fully accredited, online associate’s and certificate degree programs, including the following:

There are more than 125 scholarships available to students at MCC. The Higher Learning Commission has granted MCC regional accreditation.

Southwest Virginia Community College

Southwest Virginia Community College

Cedar Bluff, Virginia

Southwest Virginia Community College is a two-year college in the state’s community college system that serves Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell counties. It adheres to State Board policies and is supported by state funds and local contributions. It operates year-round on a semester system from 8:00 a.m. to 9:50 p.m. and has served over 115,000 students since 1967. According to a 2019 survey, 98% of alumni recommend it.

Online classes are available for programs in justice, business, education, engineering, and other fields. Workforce training, industry certifications, and tailored solutions are all available. An Arts School, enlarged Agriculture, Honors College, sports teams, and financial assistance programs are among the recent expansions.

Southwest Virginia Community College offers financial aid to help students pay for their college education. Tuition-free choices are available for Buchanan County residents and recent high school graduates from Russell and Tazewell Counties, in addition to reduced tuition rates compared to 4-year or private colleges.  West Virginia citizens living in the counties of Mercer, McDowell, Summers, Monroe, or Greenbrier are eligible for in-state tuition rates.

Programs offered at Southwest:

Southwest offers convenient distance learning for a flexible college education. Courses are online, letting you earn a degree, certificate, or transfer credits. MYSouthwest is the students’ hub, including Canvas for classes, email, library, tutoring, and Zoom.

SWCC embodies core values centered on student success, excellence, inclusiveness, and collaboration. It prioritizes student-centered learning, fostering achievement, maintaining high standards, and actively engaging with communities and partners for mutual goals.

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

Phoenix, Arizona

Since its establishment in 1965 with its main office located in Phoenix, Universal Technical Institute (NYSE: UTI) has had a distinct goal: to offer exceptional education and assistance for sought-after professions to our students, partners, and communities. With more than a quarter of a million students having successfully completed their studies, UTI boasts 15 campuses spread across states such as Arizona, California, and Florida, among others.

UTI’s campuses hold accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The institute offers specialized technical training programs under several banners: Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) / Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), NASCAR Technical Institute (NASCAR Tech), and MIAT College of Technology.

UTI specializes in automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, and marine technician training. They provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various transportation industries.

A few of the top programs UTI offers are:

Choosing Universal Technical Institute (UTI) provides a pathway to industry-aligned education with hands-on training and experienced instructors. With a curriculum shaped by industry partners, UTI equips students with the practical skills needed in their chosen fields. The diverse program offerings cater to various industries, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for rewarding careers.

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline, Washington

Nestled on ancestral lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the Duwamish Tribe, Shoreline Community College was established in 1964. Shoreline Community College stands as one of the prominent online trade schools, catering to around 8,000 students annually and roughly 4,000 enrolled quarterly.

Its robust online learning sector prioritizes convenience and flexibility, equipping students with essential post-graduation employment skills. The college offers diverse program choices, including Health Data Analysis, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relations and Logistics, and Criminal Justice, leading to certificates and degrees.

A Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities-accredited school, SCC has earned recognition as one of the best community colleges by Niche. SCC maintains accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

SCC Program Options:

Each of the program choices listed below is available for online completion.

This institution is committed to addressing the varied educational, employment, and cultural requirements of both students and communities. Its fundamental principles of respect, inclusivity, and student involvement underpin all of its activities.

With a particular focus on Transfer Education, Professional/Technical Education, Basic Education for Adults, and Community Education and Training, it provides more than just an educational journey; it serves as a vibrant hub for personal growth and advancement.

Institute of Culinary Education

Institute of Culinary Education

New York / Los Angeles

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), formed in 1975, has consistently led the way in culinary and hospitality education. Operating in New York City and the dynamic hub of Los Angeles, alongside an extensive selection of online training options, students are presented with a multitude of opportunities to earn degrees, diplomas, or certificates across a diverse array of fields. This institution is not just a school; it’s a gateway to a world of educational possibilities and professional growth.

Picture a vibrant space where students of all backgrounds dive into their culinary and hospitality passions. ICE is all about fueling student potential, honing technique and professionalism within an atmosphere that champions excellence, outside-the-box thinking, and a dash of creativity. Guided by values like excellence, discipline, professionalism, passion, and creativity, ICE’s community thrives, setting the stage for success in the exciting worlds of culinary arts and hospitality.

ICE, with over 40 vibrant years in culinary hotspots, now brings the excitement of top-tier online culinary and hospitality programs nationwide. Get expert-curated learning, personal feedback, and flexibility with weekly live or on-demand lessons.

Programs offered online:

Holding the title of the #1 Culinary School in the United States, ICE stands out for its worldwide curriculum, committed chef educators, impressive job placement track record, and strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. Esteemed by renowned chefs and hospitality experts, ICE is widely acknowledged as a premier choice for embarking on or advancing diverse culinary and hospitality careers.

Houston Community College

Houston Community College

Houston, Texas

Houston Community College (HCC) sets you up for a career with certificates and degrees. Their online programs cover diverse areas like business management and fire science technology. HCC’s student-friendly approach means minimal federal loans, no application fees, and one of the most affordable online trade schools.

With a huge range of 60 online programs and 70 hybrid options across 80 subjects, you’ve got plenty of choices. They’ve got your back with online services like counseling and tech support. So, if you’re after quality education that won’t empty your wallet, HCC is the place to be.

Here are some Online Academic Programs being offered at HCC:

Houston Community College is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)-approved. A star of their accreditation is the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), an initiative focused on boosting student success, especially completion rates. Crafted, carried out, and evaluated within five years, this targeted effort syncs seamlessly with HCC’s mission, vision, and strategic plan to drive critical student success milestones.

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College

Charleston, South Carolina

Trident Technical College (TTC) offers an array of online career training, degrees, and certificates in fields like business technology, criminal justice, homeland security, and hospitality and tourism management.

TTC supports new online learners with a readiness survey and learning orientation to excel in digital learning. These online courses require self-motivation, organization, and communication among students and educators. TTC stands out with affordable tuition, extensive program options, and a low loan requirement. Their compressed seven-week courses combine top-notch instruction and hands-on learning for career readiness.

With around 12,000 students shaping their future at TTC, the college presents 150+ study programs spanning business, healthcare, technology, arts, humanities, and more. Gain the skills employers crave and set yourself up for success at TTC.

Programs offered online:

A safe environment, free from intimidation and retaliation, is a cornerstone of the college’s values, which is why TCC ensures Title IX compliance, preventing gender discrimination, sexual harassment, assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, and more. TCC champions education and economic growth and with an inclusive approach, the college embraces students from diverse backgrounds. Going the extra mile to support students, ensuring every learner finds their path to success.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College

Scottsdale, Arizona

Thomas J. Foster founded a school in 1980 to provide coal miners with education to enhance their careers, safety, and quality of life. The school, known as the International Correspondence Schools (ICS), gained popularity, with one in 27 adults taking ICS courses by the early 1900s.

In 2006, ICS evolved from mail-based learning to online education and adopted the name Penn Foster. With over 13 million students enrolled since its inception, Penn Foster offers 100+ accredited degree, diploma, and certificate programs. It comprises multiple schools and brands, catering to independent learners and employer needs in today’s career-oriented landscape.

Their programs are crafted to empower the students to achieve their goals on your terms – no fixed exam deadlines or rigid start dates. With a history spanning more than 130 years, they have remained committed to assisting students in realizing their aspirations through cost-effective and adaptable online education, available across their high school, career school, and college offerings.

Associate Degree Programs:

Opting for Penn Foster College presents a host of compelling reasons. With a history of educational excellence, Penn Foster offers flexible online programs that cater to their students’ schedules and learning styles.

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