15 Best Online Technician Trade Schools in 2024

Many students fresh out of high school prefer to take the shorter route to a career that pays. Their top choice is often a technician trade program.

Trade schools are known for certificate programs and vocational programs in a variety of fields. Similarly, a community college often offers vocational and general education courses. Students find that many online trade programs in skilled trades, technician programs, or vocational schools save them time, money, and effort, keeping them career-ready for a lot less than college degree programs.

Trade schools are often financially viable options for a lot of individuals to launch their careers across a range of disciplines without having to incur the usually higher costs associated with a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Depending on a student’s chosen field, there is usually a wide range of options that students can choose from in terms of pursuing education in this area, even for programs that are offered online.

What Does the Technician Trade Encompass?

When it comes to the technician trade field, it is expected that a multitude of skilled manual labor is involved. Professionals who are in the technician trade field have technical and industry-specific knowledge and skills that are highly applicable to various industries, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, and scientific activities.  

In general, those who are trade technicians have responsibilities that include repairing, installing, replacing, and servicing different systems and equipment. Sometimes, they may also be expected to prepare and complete reports.

The soft skills they must demonstrate include:

  • Communication, collaboration, and teamwork with other skilled workers
  • Keen attention to detail
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Problem-solving, analytical thinking, and multitasking skills


We compiled 15 technician trade programs that are offered online by a range of institutions, from public community colleges to private trade schools.

The programs on our list are limited to certificates and diplomas and programs that are shorter than associate degree programs. They vary in length depending on their field/discipline.

Each online trade school and program was selected according to the following criteria:

  • Offered entirely or mostly online using a variety of platforms or learning management systems,
  • Features curricula that provide comprehensive preparation for students looking to enter a particular field/discipline and serve to develop practical skills and highly crucial qualities of professionalism, critical thinking, and others,
  • Include varied and engaging content and learning materials that can be finished at a student’s own pace,
  • Offered with competitive tuition rates as well as a wide range of other cost-reducing options, including scholarships & grants, work-study programs, veteran’s discounts, payment plans, and more,
  • Properly accredited as a trade program from an officially recognized trade school.

15 Best Online Trade Schools for Technicians

Ashworth College

Ashworth College
  • Location: Norcross, Georgia
  • Online Delivery Method: Online
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 4 months to one year
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Affordable Payment Plan Options, Refund Policy, Military Benefits

Ashworth College is one of the online trade schools that offers certificate programs for various technician careers such as carpentry, automotive, home inspection, and pharmacy. One of its program offerings includes the Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma, which helps students become skilled pharmacy technicians by equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the job.

This self-paced online program offers flexible courses that cover a variety of topics, including acquiring practical expertise involved in aseptic operations, transcriptions, recordkeeping, apothecary conversions, and so much more.

The sample courses are:

  • Pharmacology
  • Drug Classification and Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Community and Hospital Pharmacy Practice
  • Laboratory Simulation and Certification Preparation
  • Introduction to Pharmacy

This certification program for pharmacy technicians prepares students for the career they want to pursue on their own terms with its career-focused online classes. Not only do students gain foundational knowledge.

They will also be able to prepare for two industry-recognized certification exams, including the National Healthcareer Association’s ExCPT Pharmacy Technician exam and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s Pharmacy Certification Exam.

For students who want to gain hands-on experience in the field of pharmacy technician, an externship with the college’s partners provides them with the opportunity to apply what they have learned to real-world situations. Students will need to complete a total of 160 hours under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, a requirement to earn the certificate program.

Besides being a leading institution for online vocational programs, Ashworth is also known for its top-rated college programs, including Early Childhood Education.

Florida Technical College

Florida Technical College
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Online Delivery Method: Online
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 4 months to one year
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Scholarships, Federal Financial Aid, Grants

Florida Technical College offers the Computer Support Technician Diploma. This online diploma prepares students for a rewarding career in the field of information technology, specifically in providing technical support and assisting users in troubleshooting concerns.

Students in this program are expected to learn how to examine computer concepts, operating systems, networking, computer hardware, and software applications, among others.            

Some of the courses in the program curriculum are:

  • Introduction to Computer Operations
  • A+ Hardware, Networking & Mobile Computer Systems
  • A+ Software, Security & Operating Systems
  • Routing and Switching
  • Networking Fundamentals

The program also helps them analyze the principles of customer service along with the importance of problem-solving, all designed to help students develop the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions. They will also be prepared to take the CompTIAA+ certification.

To get admitted into the program, students will only need a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent. 

Tyler Junior College

Tyler Junior College
  • Location: Tyler, Texas
  • Online Delivery Method: Online
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 6 months on average
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Scholarships, Loans, Grants, Waivers, Work Study Programs

Tyler Junior College’s Plumbing Technician online certification program is designed to help students prepare for entry-level careers in the plumbing industry. This program equips them with skills necessary for plumbing maintenance and other repair tasks.

In this program, students will explore safety issues and practices, use of critical safety information, and personal protective equipment. They are also expected to learn all about plumbing tools, applicable math, and plumbing applications for layout and installation.

On top of that, students will be able to gain a better understanding of basic customer service and communication tools.

Course topics covered in the program curriculum include:

  • Building Trades and Technology Industry
  • Basic Measuring Tasks and Math Calculations
  • Using Common Power Tools
  • Complying with Local Plumbing Codes
  • Interpreting Plumbing Drawings

Students interested in the program will need to have a high school diploma or GED. Those who successfully complete the program will be able to have a national certification, including the OSHA 10-hour certification. However, it is good to note that requirements may vary from state to state.

The program offers an enriching online learning experience with each course, including 24/7 instructor support and course mentoring, course videos and animated simulations, and various national and state certification opportunities.

Governors State University

Governors State University
  • Location: University Park, Illinois
  • Time it Takes to Complete: 12 months
  • Completion Rate: 21% (overall university-wide graduation rate)
  • Types of Aid: Non-credit (not eligible for federal aid), state-specific financial aid from workforce boards, military tuition assistance, and financing options.

Governors State University offers a wide range of trades-related training programs, including the CNC Machinist Training Program, designed to equip students with foundational knowledge and essential skills for working with a variety of CNC Machines.

This is offered as a non-credit program and as such, features open enrollment, with self-paced coursework that prepares them for careers as CNC Machinist, CNC Operators, CNC Lathe/CNC Mill Operators, and machinists.

The training program’s syllabus includes the following content areas:

  • Production Floor Safety
  • CNC Controls & Programming
  • Metallurgy
  • Workholding
  • Machining & Grinding
  • Inspection Methods
  • Six Sigma, TPM, 5S, and Lean Principle

The training program is offered online and includes the necessary instructional materials. This self-paced program is not instructor-facilitated; however, students are given access to a variety of support channels, which include email, online forms, and phone correspondence.

Likewise, students enrolled in the program are also invited to attend National Apprenticeship Week events, which feature workshops, webinars, and employer interactions.

This training program length takes around 12 months to complete, and students can start the coursework as soon as they are ready.

AlliedRx Institute of Healthcare

AlliedRx Institute of Healthcare
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Time it Takes to Complete: 14 weeks
  • Completion Rate: 85% (PTCB National Board Examination Pass Rate, 2022)
  • Types of Aid: Flexible payment plans, long-term financing, military funding, WIOA Grants

AlliedRX Institute of Healthcare offers an online Pharmacy Technician Program, which prepares students for careers that support the work of pharmacies and pharmacists.  

The program covers the fundamentals and key skills of the practice and is also designed to develop professionals who are caring, empathetic, and ethical. The program nominally lasts 14 weeks and is offered entirely online.

The program likewise has a required 400 clock hours, divided into 180 hours of didactic coursework, 80 simulation hours, and 140 clinical hours.

Aside from the fundamentals of the practice, the program also includes courses in the following areas:

  • Prescriptions
  • IV Flow Rates
  • Compounding
  • Bulk Repackaging
  • Medication Safety
  • Pharmacy Billing & Inventory Management

On top of the online coursework, the program features virtual simulation laboratories, video demonstrations, as well as interactive study guides and knowledge assessments.

Students also have access to a virtual tutor and opportunities for clinical externships. The program also integrates preparation for students to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  • Location: Valdosta, Georgia
  • Time it Takes to Complete: not indicated
  • Completion Rate: 43% (College-wide Graduation Rate)
  • Types of Aid: need-based financial aid, scholarships, Georgia HOPE Career Grant, refund policies

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers a wide range of trade programs in a variety of online-only and blended formats. Its Basic Electricity Technician Certificate program is offered in 3 on-campus locations as well as online.

The program is a Technical Certificate of Credit designed to provide a basic knowledge of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits as well as their components. Its curriculum adds up to a total of 13 credit hours and revolves around two key occupational courses:

  • Direct Current Circuits (6 credit hours)
  • Alternating Current Circuits (7 credit hours)

Coursework for the online program is self-paced and is facilitated primarily through the Blackboard Learn learning management system. The online program is also virtually identical to the on-campus program and is equally rigorous.

This program is also eligible for a HOPE Career Grant on top of other financial aid options. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is part of the statewide Georgia Virtual Technical Connection network, which sets qualitative standards for online programs.

Central Community College

Central Community College
  • Location: Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Time it Takes to Complete: around 2 semesters for the Diploma
  • Completion Rate: 43% (overall graduation rate)
  • Types of Aid: Federal financial aid, Pell Grants, state grants, loans, external scholarships, etc.

Central Community College offers a Diploma in Information Technology and Systems among its range of online program offerings. The program is also offered as an Associate of Applied Science Degree, as well as a number of specialized Certificate Programs.

The diploma is composed of a General Education Core and 21 credit hours’ worth of Required Courses, which include:

  • Introduction to Information Technology & Systems
  • IT Support
  • IT Essentials
  • Database Design  

As mentioned earlier, the program also features nine credit hours’ worth of general education courses focused on developing students’ communication skills, critical thinking, technology literacy, life skills, and global awareness. The diploma program thus adds up to a total of 30 credit hours.

West Kentucky Community & Technical College

West Kentucky Community & Technical College
  • Location: Paducah, Kentucky
  • Time it Takes to Complete: 16 credits to complete
  • Completion Rate: 46% (for the entire college)
  • Types of Aid: Work Ready Scholarship, Work Study, Loans, Tuition Waivers, Community Scholarship Programs, Payment Plans, Third Party Scholarships, WIOA Grants

West Kentucky Community & Technical College (WKCTC) offers a wide range of short-term certificate programs related to Computer and Information Technologies, alongside the main Associate in Applied Science program.

Among these is the Application Support Technician – Certificate program, which familiarizes students with a number of productivity and organization software.

The certificate adds up to a total of 16 credit hours and includes the following courses:

  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Productivity Software
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Advanced Productivity Software
  • Advanced-Data Organization Software

This Certificate is offered in 11 campuses across the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, including WKCTC. Students can also complete the program online.

The Kentucky Community & Technical College System sports the lowest tuition rates in the state. WKCTC also offers a number of options that let students manage and reduce their educational costs, including grants, work-study arrangements, state tuition waivers, and more to those who are eligible.

New Mexico Junior College

New Mexico Junior College
  • Location: Hobbs, New Mexico
  • Time it Takes to Complete: Not Indicated
  • Completion Rate: 49% (for the entire college)
  • Types of Aid: Financial Aid, Scholarships, Grants, Payment Plans, Veterans’ Benefit

New Mexico Junior College offers its Energy Technology Program online, which includes the full Associate of Applied Science program and the three Energy Technology Certificate programs, which include Petroleum Technician, Nuclear Energy Technician, and Energy Technician Certificate programs.

The Energy Technician certificate is designed to prepare students with fundamental knowledge and various technologies employed in the energy industry, particularly the Oil and Gas Industry. Courses in the certificate include the following:

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Recovery & Production Methods
  • Drilling Technology & Operations
  • Fundamentals of Prints & Drawings for Technicians
  • Physical or Historical Geology

Aside from these courses, the Energy Technician Certificate program also includes three practicum courses, making the program add up to a total of 31 credit hours.

The Petroleum Technician Certificate, meanwhile, has a total of 34 credit hours, and the Nuclear Energy Technician Certificate has a total of 33, and both have their own unique & specialized curriculums.

Sinclair Community College

Sinclair Community College
  • Location: Dayton, Ohio
  • Time it Takes to Complete: 1 year
  • Completion Rate: 30% (overall graduation rate)
  • Types of Aid: Federal financial aid, scholarships, loans, grants, veterans’ benefits, federal work-study

Among the wide range of Online Associate Degree and Certificate Programs offered by Sinclair University is the Health Information Management Technician Program (HIMT.S.CRT).

The program is a one-year technical certificate that adds up to a total of 30 credit hours. It is primarily designed to prepare students for careers in medical office settings, including record clerks, medicolegal technicians, HIM roles in hospices and long-term care, insurance companies, and more.

The certificate program’s curriculum includes foundation courses in Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and HIM-specific computer applications. The program also includes the following courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Information Processing
  • Drug Classification for Coding
  • Medical Office Coding
  • Medicolegal & Ethics in Healthcare Records
  • Health Information Resource Management

Sinclair College also offers a Computer Support Technician 1-year technical certificate, as well as short-term technical certificates across a wide range of fields, including Aerial Sensing Data Analytics, Digital Marketing Analytics, Tax Practitioner, Professional Writing, and more.  

State Fair Community College

State Fair Community College
  • Location: Sedalia, Missouri
  • Time it Takes to Complete: 2 Semesters (Professional Certificate)
  • Completion Rate: 35% (Overall Graduation Rate)
  • Types of Aid: Federal Financial Aid, Scholarships, Veteran Services, Loans

State Fair Community College offers a number of Pharmacy Technician programs online, which prepare students for entry into the pharmaceutical industry.

Along with the full-blown AAS in Health Care Specialist with an Emphasis in Pharmacy Technician, State Fair Community College also offers a Skills Certificate in Pharmacy Technician program, which prepares students to take the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Board Examination to achieve CPhT designation.

The course content of the Skills Certificate is expanded upon by the Professional Certificate in Pharmacy Technician program, which features additional healthcare-related courses. The expanded curriculum of the Professional Certificate program includes the following courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Federal Law & Ethics in Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmacology
  • Calculations
  • Immunization Training
  • Top-200 & OTC Medications
  • Inventory Control 

The Skills Certificate program contains a total of 16 credit hours, while the Professional Certificate program contains 31.5 credit hours. State Fair Community College’s Pharmacy Technician Program is a program that is recognized by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College
  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Online Delivery Method: Online, Self-paced
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 6 months
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Payment Plans, Loans

Penn Foster College offers the HVACR Technician Career Diploma program to help students prepare for the in-demand jobs of HVAC installers, refrigeration mechanics, refrigeration technicians, and HVAC technicians.

The program’s curriculum features nine courses designed to equip students with knowledge and skills relevant to their career choice. Students will need to complete 23 exams and nine courses with 39.8 continuing education units.

The sample courses are:

  • Orientation to HVACR
  • Math and Electrical Basics for HVACR
  • Fundamentals of HVACR
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Residential and Light Commercial HVACR Systems
  • HVACR System Design and Installation
  • Commercial Refrigeration Systems

The online program is flexible enough for students who want to take the coursework at their own pace, depending on how much time they can dedicate to each coursework every week. In this program, students will be able to identify drawings, technical diagrams, and specification charts needed for installation and repair of HVACR systems. They will also learn all about good work practices while following the law when handling refrigerants.

Students will also prepare to sit for the required Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification exam, which is highly valued by many employers. The cost of this certification exam is already included in the program’s tuition.

Northwest Career College

Northwest Career College
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Online Delivery Method: Hybrid (online and on-campus classes)
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 3 months on average
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Federal Student Loans, Grants, Veterans Education Benefits, Affordable Payment Plans, Alternative Funding Source 

In as little as three months, interested students will be able to complete the Phlebotomy Training program at Northwest Career College. This program is available in a hybrid format with some courses offered online and on-campus.

As a critical part of the healthcare system, phlebotomy is a good career choice for interested students. Completing this vocational training and earning a certificate will help them qualify as a certified Phlebotomy Technician. Students who successfully earn this program will be prepared to earn their national Phlebotomy certification (RPT), administered by the American Medical Technologists.

Some of the courses in the program curriculum are:

  • Introduction to Phlebotomy Practice
  • Specimen Collection and Processing
  • Special Procedure and Populations

Students will learn fundamental knowledge and skills that include venipuncture procedure, hematology, safety in health care, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, and laboratory and lab tests. They can expect to experience hands-on instruction through the tutelage of seasoned instructors.

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to get admitted into this program. To earn the program, students will not only need to complete all the course modules and take the nationally recognized CPT certification exam. They will also need to graduate with a 70% or higher GPA.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Alpha Tradesmen Academy
  • Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Online Delivery Method: Online
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 3 months
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Affordable Payment Plan Options, Loans

Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers the Plumbing Technician for students of all experience levels. Students will be trained in the fundamental elements of the plumbing field under the tutelage of Robert Keith.  

The program covers a wide range of topics, all designed to provide students with a well-rounded look at plumbing while equipping more experienced students with updated training and refreshers. They will tackle the history of plumbing along with the development of indoor plumbing and the materials used to make piping over time.  

Courses offered in the program curriculum include:

  • Leak Source Diagnostics
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Odorous Smells Diagnostics
  • Septic Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Well Systems
  • Water Testing 

The program takes a unique approach to teaching different trades by categorizing them into job types they call “Badges.” Students will be able to access recorded lessons 24/7, allowing them to learn at their own pace. The video lessons are broken down into modules.

Students who successfully complete all modules, lessons, exams, and other program requirements will be awarded the Badge Certification. Each of the certifications earned can be quite valuable to employers.  

Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College
  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Online Delivery Method: Online
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 4 months
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Grants, Scholarships, Loans

As a pathway to an Associate in Applied Science with a major in Information Technology, the IT Support Career Certificate is available on-campus and online. This program is a good way for students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for critical services in the IT industry.

While the certification is part of the Information Systems and Technology concentration, it can also be completed on its own.

The sample courses are:

  • Mobile Device Repair
  • Business Telecommunication Systems
  • Introduction to Service Desk Operations
  • Software Applications Support
  • Network Attacks, Intrusions, and Penetration Testing
  • Securing and Monitoring IoT Networks
  • Desktop Support Capstone/Internship

The program culminates in the completion of a desktop support capstone or internship. The course is equivalent to 4.5 credits. It is designed to allow students to gain a blend of knowledge and skills that they can apply to simulated, practical exercises.

Online Technician Trade Schools - fact

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of programs are offered at online technician trade schools?

There are numerous career and technical education programs offered in many online trade schools. Those who want to get started with a competent and in-demand job without having to spend years at college will want to consider earning vocational programs instead. Online trade programs at trade schools often vary.

There are diplomas and certificates for those who want to gain specific skills for the trade of their choice and get a certification that they can use for professional work. This often only takes them a year or less to complete.

Some online vocational schools offer associate degrees, which can often be completed in two years. This one offers a more comprehensive learning experience since it can lead to a bachelor’s degree.

Another type of technician trade program is the apprenticeship. For this program, a structured work experience is provided. Students will undergo education and training integral to becoming certified professionals.

There are also technician trade courses that are meant as preparations for state licensures or professional certifications. This choice lends the quickest track as it can be completed in a few months or less.

How do you find a good and reputable online technician trade school?

Technician trade schools are quite popular, but choosing the best value for one’s money can be challenging. It is important for prospective students to weigh their options when doing a school search.

They need to choose a trade school that will help them achieve their professional goals. To do this, they will first need to explore their interests and career options. What skills do they currently have? What field interests them the most?

Once they have the answer, they can start looking into potential online trade schools based on various factors that help them meet their goals. Some of the factors they need to consider when choosing an online vocational school or trade school include:

  • accreditation,
  • affordability,
  • retention and graduate rates,
  • and flexibility.

Accreditation helps potential students ensure that the school offers quality education. Some of the accrediting organizations in the country include the Higher Learning Commission, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, among others.

Most online vocational schools also provide federal financial aid. It is good to note, however, that not all vocational schools are accredited, so careful research and consideration must be practiced. For online programs, it is important that there is flexibility.

Many prefer to work on the vocational courses at their own pace, all the while juggling their trade school education training pursuits and personal responsibilities.

They will want to opt for a trade school that offers focused career training. The courses must have a good balance between concepts and practicality. They should be able to apply the knowledge they acquired readily. Having hands-on training experience can be a huge factor when it comes to looking for employment. This will allow them to start a career faster.

It can also benefit online students if the trade technical school or local community college offers various financial aid options. Not only does the tuition have to be affordable, but an opportunity to take advantage of financial aid can be of great help to those who struggle to fund their education.

What are the common admission requirements for a trade school?

Unlike higher education levels, online certificate programs and diploma programs offered in technician trade schools usually have simple admission requirements. Generally, only a high school diploma or GED certificate is needed so one can attend an online trade school. However, it is good to note that there might be an age limit. Students may need to be at least 17 years old to enroll in an online trade school program.

Are there online trade programs that cannot be fully online?

Unfortunately, yes. These programs already go far in terms of convenience by offering their various coursework fully online, but some of them, by design, have to have in-person components. A case in point is Pharmacy Technician programs, which typically require students to complete a certain number of hours performing on-site internships.

Some other programs will have a set number of required on-campus visits, for example, to perform skills/proficiency tests and for students to get hands-on training.

How do vocational/trades programs save me money?  

Fees tend to vary between institutions and disciplines, but generally, vocational or trades programs cost less than four-year degrees, whether online or on-campus. Especially for cases where student loans are involved, this can mean less money is committed in the long run towards paying for student debt and into other things like savings or other projects.

Like their 4-year degree program counterparts, Vocational/trades programs are also offered with a range of financial aid options and other eligibilities like veterans’ benefits, work-study programs, payment plans, and others.

Should I pursue further education after having finished a technician trade program?

In terms of pursuing advanced degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and beyond), this is more of a personal question, and several factors have to be taken into consideration. Financial capacity is one of the foremost factors, not just in terms of the cost of the tuition not covered by financial aid but in other associated costs as well.

Another factor that is immediately considered is the benefit of higher degrees to one’s career since many fields also have the credentials that come from having bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees as a barrier to further career advancement.

Regardless of personal factors, learning is ideally a continuous process, whether in terms of gaining new knowledge in a different field or gaining advanced knowledge in one’s current field, and further learning and professional and personal development can be gained from a variety of sources.

What are some important things to consider before enrolling in an online vocational/trades program?

Aside from the need for a computer and a stable internet connection, online students should have a strong sense of discipline in terms of time management, both in terms of maintaining a healthy balance between career, coursework, and other commitments and persisting through the online degree.

Especially in online programs that have self-paced coursework, students should have the will to power through their coursework despite the challenges of taking on online courses alone.

Prospective students should find out in advance whether the curriculum of a particular program will be most useful to them. As is often the case with diverse fields, many online trade school programs are designed with special focus or emphasis.

As said before, prospective online students should also keep in mind that the online program they plan to enroll in may require in-person appearances for a variety of reasons, and it would serve them well to be as exhaustive as they can in asking for information about the particular program they are interested in.  

Online students should also be resourceful and not forget to make use of the various tools and platforms that are given to them to reach out to their instructors and peers, as well as any financial aid options that are available to them both from the school and from other sources, such as tuition arrangements with employers, county/state grants, and others.

Are vocational/technician trade programs of lesser quality than traditional four-year degree programs?

This is most certainly NOT the case. Bachelor’s degree programs aren’t automatically better than community colleges, vocational schools, or trade programs by virtue of being four-year degree programs, and the training programs in trade schools/vocational schools are designed with just as much rigor, and follow their own national and international set of standards for quality and professional practice.

In financial terms, meanwhile, it is possible for someone with a trade school degree to make just as much as someone with a four-year degree. This is both down to the particular field/discipline they are in, and personal qualities that determine work ethic and other factors that are valued by employers.

Taking more of a big-picture view, it is clear from the outset that technician trades have their place and is extremely crucial in modern society, which is largely built on a foundation of occupations and career paths that are not perceived to be glamorous, such as electricians, welders, mechanics, clerks, and others.

How much do technicians make?

As for the compensation, trade technicians have varied earning potential. Some of the highest-paying trade jobs include jobs in business administration systems, business management, medical assisting, mechanical engineering, and more.

For example, mechanical technicians can earn a median salary of $61,990 per year. An electronic engineering technologist can earn a median compensation of $66,390 annually. A pharmacy technician, on the other hand, makes $37,790 annually. For a medical assistant, the yearly compensation can be $38,270.

Other trade technicians pursue further education. An associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree program can enhance their portfolio and boost their earning potential.

For more valuable information, see the following: