5 Best Online Boilermaker Trade Schools in 2024

Boilermakers, like many other skilled tradespersons in the construction industry, often face moderate to high risks, as their job involves working with high-pressure vessels, heavy materials, and welding equipment.

As students complete a quality boilermaker apprenticeship program or trade school program, however, they can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently with proper and strict safety precautions.

What is a Boilermaker?

A boilermaker is a skilled tradesperson who constructs, repairs, and maintains boilers, pressure vessels, and related industrial equipment. They are typically employed in construction, manufacturing, and energy production, among other industries where the efficient and safe operation of pressure vessels and boilers should be ensured.

Boilermakers’ roles and responsibilities include:

  • Reading and interpreting technical blueprints, engineering drawings, and specifications
  • Preparing steel plates, pipes, and other materials for assembly
  • Fabricating metal components for boiler and vessel building
  • Welding
  • Assembling and installing boilers and related industrial equipment
  • Conducting quality checks, routine maintenance, and repairs on both new and existing boilers
  • Adhering to strict safety protocols and guidelines
  • Maintaining accurate documentation on work performed

Despite the risks that boilermakers face at work, the high earning potential and job security often entice individuals to enter their careers in this trade. As of 2022, the median pay for boilermakers is $66,920 per year or $32.17 per hour, according to the country’s Labor Statistics Bureau.

Despite a decline in employment demand, the industry is still expected to require an average of around 1,100 boilermakers annually in the next ten years to cover for workers who will retire or transfer to other occupations.


We listed the best trade schools and organizations offering boilermakers apprenticeship programs and related training that aren’t associate degree programs. Each of these programs is carefully selected based on specific criteria, including the following:

  • Features a comprehensive curriculum covering the general education courses and the fundamental aspects of the boilermaker trade, including welding techniques, blueprint reading, and safety protocols,
  • Taught by seasoned instructors with strong academic qualifications and a wealth of practical experience in the boilermaker field,
  • Provides opportunities for hands-on training and workshops,
  • Facilitates connections with boilermaker professionals and organizations that can open doors to apprenticeships, job placements, and career advancement opportunities as graduates gain direct entry into the industry,
  • Obtained accreditation from officially recognized accrediting agencies and skilled trade associations.

5 Top Online Boilermaker Trade Schools

Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program

Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Online Delivery Method: Hybrid
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 4-5 years, depending on the program
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: None

The Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program is a four-year program that provides extensive training of its apprentices to turn them into qualified Journeymen through at least 6,000 field construction hours and 576 classroom hours.

The program offers a series of related studies divided into four curriculums with a 25-question examination at each end of the lesson. The students can access the courses through the program’s online learning management system.

A Boot Camp Welding Training Program is also available for students to improve their skills and increase their employability through intensive on-site training in classrooms or workshops. It’s a six-week program with courses delivered by well-experienced instructors with certification from the Director of National Training Services.

The only requirement to join this program is that applicants should be at least 18 years old and should be a high school graduate or have proof of equivalent education attainment, such as a GED certification.

Although the BNAP is based in Missouri, students can find a local near them, whether in the Great Lakes Area, Southern States, Northeast Area, or Western States.

Northeast Area Apprenticeship Committee

Northeast Area Apprenticeship Committee
  • Location: East Hartford, Connecticut
  • Online Delivery Method: Hybrid
  • Time It Takes to Complete: typically four years
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Veteran Benefits

Boilermakers Northeast Area Apprenticeship Committee (NEAAC), a part of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, accepts applicants for field construction positions in their Boilermakers Northeast Area Apprenticeship Program on a continuous basis.

The program requires applicants to complete at least 6,000 hours to attain the Journeyman Boilermaker status, which is generally achieved in four years. The course of study combines on-the-job training, online self-study lessons and examinations, and a required yearly minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction. There are also performance-based tests that students need to ace.

The minimum requirements to get into the boilermaker training include being at least 18 years old and having graduated from high school or an equivalent educational status. Students without any certifiable welding skills can also join the program, but be advised that applicants with written proof of welding training or qualifications will be given priority selection into the apprenticeship.

Although Boilermakers NEAAC is based in Connecticut, students can apply for the apprenticeship program by visiting a Local Lodge near them in various states including New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Albany and many others.

Take note though that these Local Lodges have different schedules for apprenticeship application distribution, usually only once a month.

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College
  • Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Online Delivery Method: Hybrid
  • Time It Takes to Complete: at least 100 hours
  • Completion Rate: 97%
  • Types of Aid: None

Ivy Tech Community College is offering a Boiler Training program through its Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector’s In-Service Commission Course, which is designed for individuals who are seeking eligibility for certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to become owner-user inspectors or commissioned inspectors or to gain jurisdictional competency recognition.

The course outline requires at least 100 contact hours and may be web-based or conducted in a classroom.

The topics include the following:

  • SME Codes as they relate to the inspection concept
  • The National Board and Inspection information and its functions
  • Boiler types and designs
  • Weld types, dimensions, and practices
  • Simulation of actual National Board Examination conditions

Ivy Tech Community College holds an institutional accreditation status from the Higher Learning Commission.

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 363

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 363
  • Location: East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Online Delivery Method: Hybrid
  • Time It Takes to Complete: Typically 4 years
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: None

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 363 offers a 6,000-hour Boilermakers Apprenticeship program to train interested students to become skilled Journeymen through a blended training approach that combines work safety orientation, classroom lessons, on-the-job training, and hands-on instructions.

The program requires students to participate in at least 576 hours of classroom/shop training (or 144 hours a year). The courses are accessible through the program’s online learning management platform. Students can choose between instructor-guided discussions or self-paced learning from any location. Courses are available in sequential order over the span of four years.

On-the-job training modules are to be performed on-site under the supervision of a qualified foreman or under actual conditions. The series of tasks also span over four years.

Lodge 363 accepts applications every last Thursday of the month from 1 PM to 4 PM at Belleville, Illinois.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Online Delivery Method: Onsite
  • Time It Takes to Complete: 1 semester
  • Completion Rate: undisclosed
  • Types of Aid: Sponsor Voucher, Partial Payment, Extended Payment Plan, Payment Deferral, Third-Party Sponsors, FAFSA, Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans, Federal Work Study

Columbus State Community College offers the High-Pressure Boiler License Training Program Certificate through its four-course program designed to prepare students for the High Pressure Boiler Operators exam in the State of Ohio.

The boiler training program requires 12 credit hours to receive the certificate and covers four courses, namely:

  • Piping Systems
  • Instrumentation/Combustion Process
  • Hand Tools/Safety
  • Boiler Systems

The Boiler Systems course, HVAC-2190, equips students with a solid foundation on boiler systems, types, codes and safety procedures as they relate to high-pressure boilers.

Students are required to have at least five years of work experience directly related to the industry or relevant education to be admitted to this license training program.

This training program is delivered by the school’s Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Technology Department, which holds program affiliations from the following organizations, among others:

Columbus State Community College has been institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1973.

Online Boilermaker Trade Schools - fact

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Boilermaker Trade Schools

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in an online boilermaker trade school or program?

The specific admission requirements into the boilermaker training program vary by institution, but common prerequisites include being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma or equivalent such as a GED. It’s also important to have a strong aptitude for mechanical work, especially when joining apprenticeship programs offered by boilermaker organizations or unions.

Considering that a boilermaker can be a demanding and physically taxing job, good physical fitness is also important for the success of your trade career.

Check the specific requirements of the school or program you’re interested in to ensure you meet the qualifications.

How does online Boilermaker training work, and can I get hands-on experience?

Online boilermaker training combines digital coursework with practical experience. You’ll typically access lectures, demonstrations, and assignments online, which you can complete at your own pace.

Many programs also incorporate hands-on training, either through scheduled workshops or by arranging practical sessions at a nearby facility.

Are apprenticeship programs from boilermaker groups offered without cost to students?

A Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program offered by boilermaker groups or unions is typically not entirely free of cost to students. However, they often operate on an “earn while you learn” model, where apprentices receive wages for the work they do during their training, helping to offset some of the costs.

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